VBReFormer Professional

VBReFormer est un outil puissant et indispensable de retro-ingénierie d'application Visual Basic 5 & 6.

Désassembleur, décompilateur, et éditeur d'interface graphique d'applications VB 5 & 6, VBReFormer vous fera économiser temp et effort.

VBReFormer est une aide précieuse et indispensable dans la reconstitution des sources Visual Basic de votre application.

Supported applications: Visual Basic 5, Visual Basic 6
Supported systems: Windows XP or Higher

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Code recovery

VBReFormer disassemble all functions and methods in forms, controls, classes, and modules of Visual Basic application and try to recover the most complete Visual Basic source code than possible (if compiled with the native code option).

Furthermore, thanks to its integrated decompilation engine, VBReFormer perfoms a native decompilation from Native code to Visual Basic code, in the fullest extent possible.

Note: VBReFormer is not able to disassemble P-Code applications (See article Native Code VS PCode)

Design edition

VBReFormer recovers UI meta information and resources of Visual Basic 5 & 6 application (forms, usercontrols, designers, pictures, etc.) and extracts these information into a Visual Basic project.

Even better, the integrated design editor of VBReFormer succeeds where others resources editors fail with Visual Basic applications giving you the ability to edit UI design of Visual Basic applications in a simple and easy way with no limitation of size, and with no need to recompile the application, working directly on its binary.

Drop a Visual Basic binary (.exe, .dll, .ocx) here or click to check if your binary is compatible with VBReFormer.